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Learning About Fruit Tree Care

Hello, I am Reeny Floons. I created this site to explore fruit tree care in more detail. When I was a young girl, I had free access to all of the fruit trees in my neighborhood. In fact, all of the kids living in my area were given permission to take as much fruit as they could eat. After all, most of the trees produced far too much fruit for any one family to consume. I enjoyed fresh plums, pears, apples, oranges and figs on a regular basis. As I grew older, I was always ready to lend a hand in keeping the trees pruned and healthy. I learned a lot about the different pests and diseases that can affect fruit trees. I would like to share my knowledge to help others maintain healthy trees year round. I hope that you will visit my site every day.

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Ready To Raise Your Own Bison Calf But Want Organic Meat? What To Know

If you have a property on which want to raise a bison so you can take them to the butcher and have organic meat, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you are getting 100 percent organic meat from the bison and that you are helping the bison grow. Bison is a great source of protein and other vital minerals and vitamins; it's one of the healthiest meat options. Here are some of the things that you want to consider so you can get started raising the organic bison and find the best bison for your property.

Find an Organic-Fed Calf

You have to start by finding a bison calf that comes from an organic mother, if you want to be sure that their diet wasn't compromised from inside the womb, and that they were fed organic milk from their mother since birth. You will have to pay more for the organic-fed and -raised calf, but it's worth the investment if you want to raise the calf and have organic meat.

Prep the Ground Properly

The bison will mainly feed on grass. This means that you want to water, fertilize, and maintain the grass with organic options. You don't want to use pesticides with chemicals, and you have to make sure that the grass the bison is eating is healthy and undisturbed by chemicals. Talk with a local irrigation professional and a land expert to help nourish your soil and grass to health if it has been compromised.

Get the Best Organic Feed

It's best to have a feed option for the bison to enjoy. It's important to find the best feed option that is available for the calf and that you find a healthy organic choice to stock. Take the time to compare the ingredients and costs, so that you can grow a healthy organic bison. You may need to have this feed shipped in, but it's worth the investment and time.

Bison meat is one of the healthiest and enjoyable meats to cook with, and if you are ready to get your first calf and enjoy raising the bison, these are some of the things that you have to know to get started. If you are positive that you want to raise a calf that is organic, and that you want them to have a natural life, start with picking an organic fed calf and get your property ready. For more information, talk to companies like Ruma-Lic Liquid Feed.